Bank of Indonesia released its new series of banknotes


The Rupiah is the official currency of Indonesia. It is issued by Bank of Indonesia . The ISO-4217 currency code for Indonesian Rupiah is IDR.
Indonesia released its new set of seven banknote on 19 December, 2016 with enhanced security features. These banknotes bears new design of national heroes , traditional dances and natural sites. The banknotes are issued in the denominations of  1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000.
All the previously issued banknotes will also remain in circulation and are legal tenders.
The observe and reverse of banknotes shows :-
  1. 1,000 rupiah  
    Observe: Tjut Meutia (1870-1910), an Indonesian national hero from Aceh                  Reverse: Banda Neira
  2. 2,000 rupiah:
    Observe: Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin (1894-1941), an Indonesian  political thinker and National Hero
    Reverse: Ngarai Sianok in Bukittinggi
  3. 5,000 rupiah:
    Observe: Dr. K. H. Idham Chalid (1921-2010), an Influencial Indonesian politician      ReverseGunung Bromo
  4. 10,000 rupiah:
    Observe: Frans Kaisiepo (1921-1979), fourth Governor of the Papua province and a National Hero of Indonesia
    Reverse: Tamin Nasional Wakafobi
  5. 20,000 rupiah:
  6. Observe: Dr. G. S. S. J. Ratulangi (1890-1949), a Minahasa politician, journalist and teacher from North Sulawesi, Indonesia
    ReverseDarawan Islands
  7. 50,000 rupiah:
    Observe: Djuanda Kartawidjaja (1911-1963), 11th and the final  Prime Minister of  Indonesia
    Reverse: Tamin Nasional Komodo
  8. 100,000 rupiah:
    ObserveSukarno (1901-1970), first President of Indonesia 1945- 1967; Mohammad Hatta (1902-1980), first Vice President of Indonesia.                                                             ReverseRaja Ampat Islands

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